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  • Cham and O 'Tun Up' Things with Tun Up-Tun Up Music Video

    Madhouse power-producer Dave Kelly has been making his way back on to the Dancehall scene after a bit of a hiatus in the mid 2000s. Kelly, one of the most recognized producers from Dancehall's 'golden age' in the 90s, has been part of this recent resurgence of real authentic, pounding Dancehall riddims this year, which, if continued, could signal the death of the Island-Hop era.

    [brief pause while I bust a backflip].

    Internationally acclaimed deejay Cham has teamed up with brand new female deejay O to inform us that her pum-pum "Tun Up" on Kelly's recent Tun Up Tun Up Riddim, which I must say really does tun up my speakers - Kelly's riddim that is...not O's pum pum.

    Check out the brand new video for "Tun Up" - Cham ft. O.